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4/19/12 01:37 am - Going elsewhere

They say that when you disagree with the manner in which a business conducts itself, you should go elsewhere. Whilst this is not always practicable in the IT world, my disgust and in some cases outrage at things the LiveJournal company has done in the past year or more has boiled over to a point where I am taking all of my online writing things to another service. The new journal is at

Note that this new journal will be a very different one from this. The subject matter tends to be far more serious and more focused on issues relevant to audiences with commonality to the author. I hope to see at least some more of you there.

9/12/10 12:01 am

As some will already be aware, I bought a new and bigger TV recently. Pictures under this link.Collapse ) Only monochrome is real, but grayscale is a reasonable fascimile...

7/3/10 10:51 am

A new bear turned up on my doorstep this morning. Photos under this link.Collapse ) Nothing was ever accomplished by trusting others to do the right thing.

6/8/10 05:53 pm

Imagine it is May 14 again, just for a second. Photos under this link.Collapse ) The camera does not lie. But it sure can be made to fib a lot.

2/22/10 03:40 pm

A few months ago, I obtained an Apple MacBook Pro. I decided to take some photos of some of the bears investigating it. Pictures under the link.Collapse ) Okay, quit reading now.

2/1/10 03:30 pm

Okay, since I have not written in a while, I thought I would share this photo exhibit that I originally took the stills for much earlier. Pictures under this link, obviously.Collapse ) Hopefully the next one will come a little faster than this.

10/16/09 06:47 pm

Another week has been spent either at the university or just loafing around, or going to the doctor. Hello... go shove yourself.Collapse ) People who insist that they have ever done anything entirely on their own should have their eyes gouged out, their eardrums burst, and their tongues torn out.

10/7/09 06:25 pm

I had an appointment with one of the doctors at the Kelvin Grove campus of the university I am at. There is a point to this story.Collapse ) There is no form of life lower than those who say they will do something and then do not without so much as a word of explanation.

9/25/09 06:06 pm

Uni day has swung around again. Do not click this link!Collapse ) Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. It tears the heart right out and crushes it.

9/20/09 09:04 pm

Last Friday was one of the most trying days I have been through this year, and it only got worse from there. No photos under this link.Collapse ) The right solution is the one that gets the best results, not the most convenient one.
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